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EEBO Metrics and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a buzzword in the business world, and EEBO Metrics serve as a valuable tool in guiding and measuring the success of digital transformation

Sensible defaults for EEBO Metrics

Sensible Defaults are starting points that are tried and tested, offering a solid foundation for further customization

EEBO Metrics & GenAI Driven Software Development

The rapid emergence of GenAI has revolutionized software development. Does the EEBO Metrics retain its relevance

Unlocking the Power of Correlation using EEBO Metrics

One key aspect of EEBO Metrics is the establishment of a correlation between engineering excellence and business outcomes

Setting Up Effective Team Metrics: A Guide for Team Leaders

Team leaders often grapple with the challenge of establishing metrics that not only

Rethinking Individual Developer Productivity Metrics

In the complicated world of software development, there is a lot of debate about

5 Essential Steps for a Successful Metrics Journey

Need for coverage from software development to deployment-in-production resulting in

Understanding EEBO Metrics Structure

Need for coverage from software development to deployment-in-production resulting in

Anti-Patterns of EEBO Metrics Usage

While EEBO Metrics offer insights into engineering excellence, let us delve into

EEBO Metrics & Digital Transformation

Talk from Agile Mumbai. The session outlined the importance of clear metrics in guiding

EEBO Metrics and Business Agility

Talk from Agile Gurugram. The session outlined how many IT organizations lack a comprehensive understanding of their level

EEBO Metrics in the Times of GenAI

Talk from Agile Kolkatta. The session explored: is EEBO Metrics as a framework still

Fitness Metrics to Drive Enterprise Innovation

Talk from Agile Network India, Bengaluru. The session explored how concept of Fitness Metrics can

Line of sight from engineering excellence to business outcomes

Talk from Kanban India, Bengaluru. The session explored how to ensure your team achieves business outcomes

Start with a Metrics Model

The modern world of business is data-driven, with metrics serving as crucial signposts on the

Maturity Model for Adopting EEBO Metrics

Establishing a clear line of sight between engineering efforts and business outcomes can be challenging

EEBO Metrics Create a Line of Sight from Engineering Excellence to Business Outcomes

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, engineering excellence is not just a competitive advantage but a necessity for businesses to thrive.

How do you know engineering is powering business growth?

We need a tool as the aim is to gather data driven by ‘what we can not measure, we can not improve’

Dysfunctional metrics kill agile transformations

Agile transformation is a journey, and a long one for most organizations. Such multi-year