Line of sight from engineering excellence to business outcomes

The session explores how to ensure your team achieves business outcomes, focus on data driven discussion of correlation between your engineering outcomes and business outcomes.

The Deck

About The Conference

From Kanban India has been a premier global conference organised in India since 2015. It was earlier known as Lean Kanban India and has been renamed after Lean Kanban University was renamed as Kanban University, in August 2019.

This conference has been a vital platform to further the foundation of the Kanban Method and bringing the teachings of ‘Alternate Path to Agility’ for professionals across the country. In the past seven successful years, it has helped to shape perspectives of some of the most important executives and entrepreneurs in strengthening their businesses and organisations.

As a community, it has also incorporated feedback to get better and stronger each year.

The conference has been attended by over 1200+ participants from 18+ countries, and some of the most important global thought leaders within the community have participated in speaking and sharing their knowledge.

About The Speaker

Dinker Charak

Dinker Charak - Principal Product Manager, Thoughtworks

Dinker is an expert in Product Management and EEBO Metrics. At Thoughtworks, he helps clients build revenue generating products and spearheads asset-based consulting. Before Thoughtworks, he developed significant software products influencing industries like Online Video Ads in India. While his startup Gungroo, behind RooKidsApp, closed, it offered key market insights. Dinker contributed to renowned particle physics labs: Fermilab and CERN. He possesses a patent in Advertising Technology, multiple provisional patents, and wrote a Product Management book. Dinker has written a book on Product Management and also runs workshops in collaboration with CIIE, NASSCOM, and Thoughtworks.