EEBO Metrics create a line of sight from engineering excellence to business outcomes

EEBO Metrics is a framework of performance indicators through the engineering lifecycle, right from software development to deployment in production to business outcomes.


EEBO Metrics act as clear value articulation of the benefit of engineering excellence

EEBO Metrics provide guardrails for long-running programs by acting as fitness metrics

EEBO Metrics give each member clarity on how their work leads to the final benefit


Use EEBO Metrics to identify derailment of engineering excellence or misalignment to outcomes

Use EEBO Metrics as an information radiator, fostering alignment between team members and business stakeholders

Characteristics of a good EEBO Metrics

These characteristics make them less susceptible to gaming or manipulation as they requires alignment and effectiveness across multiple facets of the program

EEBO Metrics tend to be derived or multivariate metrics, which are calculated from multiple data points or measurements

EEBO Metrics also tend to be meta in nature, which means the metrics measure other metrics’ impact on the overall program

EEBO Metrics are easily understood by all in the program, ensuring shared understanding of the fitness & outcome metrics

Structure of EEBO Metrics

Metrics reflecting engineering excellence, Metrics reflecting production deployment excellence, Metrics categories reflecting progress towards desired business outcomes

What are the recommended EEBO Metrics?

3 key metrics of engineering excellence: Build failure rate, Security  warnings, Tech debt. 4 key metrics of production deployment excellence: Mean time to restore, Change fail percentage, Lead time, Deployment frequency. 4 key categories for business outcomes: Improvement in efficiency & effectiveness, Improvement in experience, Increase in influence, Future sensing.

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EEBO Metrics was developed in Thoughtworks. Meet the folks who created and are actively working on furthering the concept.

Dinker Chark

Sachin Dharmapurikar

Vaishnavi Narayanan


EEBO Podcast - Let's see where it goes - LUSWIG

LUSWIG - Let's See Where It Goes

Join Dinker and Sachin, passionate advocates of EEBO Metrics, as they discuss EEBO Metrics and few other related topics on their Podcast.

EEBO Podcast - Let's see where it goes - LUSWIG