Fitness Metrics to Drive Enterprise Innovation

The talk session explores how concepts of Fail Fast and Fitness Metrics can help draw a line of sight from engineering excellence to business outcomes and thus guide innovation.

The Deck

The Conference

From Agile Network India is organising an In-Person event on "Agility to Drive Innovation". The event will be held on 28st October, 2023 at @Bengaluru Join the event to get insights. The event was hosted by Greyamp Consulting, Bengaluru.

The Speaker

Dinker Charak

Dinker Charak - Principal Product Manager, Thoughtworks

Dinker is an expert in Product Management and EEBO Metrics. At Thoughtworks, he helps clients build revenue generating products and spearheads asset-based consulting. Before Thoughtworks, he developed significant software products influencing industries like Online Video Ads in India. While his startup Gungroo, behind RooKidsApp, closed, it offered key market insights. Dinker contributed to renowned particle physics labs: Fermilab and CERN. He possesses a patent in Advertising Technology, multiple provisional patents, and wrote a Product Management book. Dinker has written a book on Product Management and also runs workshops in collaboration with CIIE, NASSCOM, and Thoughtworks.